Daewon Forging Co. Ltd., which is a company specialized in forging

Best Quality Product Company
  • Through continuous development of technology and quality improvement,
    we impress our customers beyond customers' satisfaction.

  • By sharing professionalism and resources together,
    we are cultivating the hope of today and tomorrow.

  • For high-quality engineering services,
    Daewon Forging Co. Ltd. always does its best.

Customer-centered management considering customers as the top priority

Daewon Forging Co. Ltd. is a company specialized in forging, which was established in 1997, and is engaged in specialized production of major automotive parts including Shafts, Brackets, Connecting-Rods, Hubs. As we have been acknowledged for our products' excellent quality and competitiveness through continuous development of technology and improvement of productivity, we are growing as a business to fulfill its role in the global era by increasing exports every year.

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Daewon Forging Co. Ltd.,