Daewon Forging Co. Ltd., which is a company specialized in forging

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CEO Myung Se, Ha

Customer-centered management considering customers as the top priority

Together, we share the hope of today and tomorrow by dividing our expertise and resources together.

DAEWON FORGING CO., LTD. is established in 1997 as a hot forging specializing company to produce major automobile parts like SPINDLE, SHAFT, GEAR, YOKE, HUB, SOCKET and etc.

Furthermore, the company succeeded in domestic production of Trolley Chain in automobile line and other industrial machinery parts which were previously depended solely on importation.
The company also gained a foothold to international market for an opportunity to compete with foreign companies.

With continual effort in technology research and production enhancement, we have been recognized as the company with the best quality and competitive products. In accordance with the annual export amount that has been increasing, the company is doing the best to be a global company.

DAEWON Forging relocated to SEOSAN Korea in 2011 and we introduced new 1600Ton (long stroke) press in 2013. We have been supplying various products such as SPINDLE and YOKE SHAFT through 1600ton press.
We have been trying to meet customer’s satisfaction through our quality innovation and creative management.

CEO   HA, MYUNG-SE Myung Se, Ha